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In Kandy District Medadumbara Divisional Secretary’s Division is situated along with the attitude 7º 10' and 7º 25' to north, while the longitude 80º 45' and 80º 57' to eastern. There are 20 Divisional Secretary’s Divisions in Kandy and Medadumbara is one of them. Medadumbara Division surrounded in North to Panvila Divisional Secretary’s Division. In Eastern to Udadumbara Divisional Secretary’s Division. In South to Walapane Divisional Secretary’s Division and in West to Kundasale Divisional Secretary’s Division.
You will meet Medadumbara in Teldeniya, the road running from Kandy to Mahiyangana. Medadumbara is given meaning of middle – Dumbara and it is situated in Teldeniya. It is 22 Km far from Kandy town. Medadumbara is a Landmark in the historical Kingdom of Kandy.


Medadumbara Divisional Secretary’s Division is 165.9 Square kilometers in extent and it comprises with 262 villages that belong to 93 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Geographical Features

Medadumbara Divisional Secretary’s Division is located without plains areas. Everywhere can be seen mountain ranges of this Division. It is being covered by (consisted of) mountain vegetations and in the rest of the areas woods can be seen.Knuckles Mountain range is situated as an Eastern side boarder for Medadumbara Division. There are lots of mountains as catchment areas. Large number of small streams, water spots and rivers are being created from the natural biographical and getting beautified mountain diversity.

Water Resources

The outstanding figure in the area is Victoria Reservoir. It has been contributing in Hydropower of 210WM. Under expedited Mahaweli Development Project which was established on 1982.
Merely, Teldeniya is being considered as a water feeding area. Water flows to Victoria Reservoir with main two rivers through this Division. Hulu Ganga and Gal Mal Oya are given great support for Hydro powering System to Victoria.
Fountain water resources can be traced in the surface of Division and not deep on level ground water. There is various natural Biological Diversity found here, according to various climatic condition ranges in Division.

Climate Condition

An intermittent climate ranges are being throughout the Division. December to February climate range is cold. Eastern monsoon brings rain from September to January for Maha Season. North West Monsoon brings rain from May to September for Minor Season. It is rather dry. The Division’s climate range is being divided to number of 3 Agricultural Environment zone.
01. Middle Country Mountain Zone
02. Middle Country Wet Zone
03. Middle Country Inter Zone
Throughout the high range of rainfall in Northern part than Southern part of the Division.


Appearance the 3 categories of soil zone in this Division.
01. Immature Brown Loam Soil
02. Reddish and Brown Letasolic  Soil
03. Reddish and Yellow Podsolic Soil
A Radish Clay soil that is appropriate to Agriculture can be seen through the Division.

Social Details

The total number of school is 45 in Medadumbara Division and that someone is educationally prominent. There are one Base Hospital, two Rural Hospitals, One Estate Hospital and two dispensaries located in the Division, while people come to these Hospitals seeking treatments as for health. Total length of roads is 1696 Km and it is maintained under the Provincial Council and Local Government (Pradeshiya Sabha).
The total number of population is 70,037 and they are living in 17,823 Houses while the number of families are 19222 living in this Division according to the Census in 2011 that prepared by the Department of Census and Statistics.

Historical Medadumbara

The ancient history of Medadumbara Dates back to 1600 A.D. There is being considered an ancient place for Kings in ancient Kingdom of Kandy according to historical resources and folklores. The ancient road was combined that was Uva – Wellassa, Bintenna and Eastern beach area had been jointed to Kingdom of Kandy via this Division since so far. It is approved from ruins (stone satire cases in mountain of Hunnasgiriya and king’s flowers gardens). Thus had been for years ago.
The several folklores are bounding and getting the details about King I Wimaladharmasooriya and King Sri Wickrama Narendresinghe.
Bomure - Udupitiya
The King of Sri Wickrma Rajasinghe who was the last King of Sri Lanka was captured alive in Bomure Udupitiya Korale’s house on 15 th of February 1815 by Englishmen. The monument had been erected at Udupitiya on behalf of that historical memory.

Medamahanuwara Raja Maha Viharaya
It was established on 17 century. The Dalada Karanduwa which was sacred for tooth relic, historical Medadumbara Flag and Medamahanuwara Flag has been keeping with safety guard in this temple at present.

Medamahanuwara Maliga Kutiya Viharaya – Senarath Maligaya
This place had been made by King Sri Wijaya Rajasinghe about 1740 A.D. Now it was being became the ruins.

Bambaragala Raja Maha Viharaya
It had been made by King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe. It can be seen stone statures and ancient arts.

Modern Medadumbara

The Government Agent automatically becomes District Secretary. The District Development Council was introduced in 1981 by the government and the selected members had the right to choose a member as for their chairman "Gramodaya mandala" was created for each Grama Niladari Division". As yet continued system that it was Kachcheri System was done away with and it was become by the District Secretariat.
The Divisional Secretariat was originally based on the Korales with since by past. They were formerly known as DRO Division with District Revenue Officer. In that Year timed, DRO's were become as Assistant Government Agent and the Division was known as Assistant Government Agent Division.
In presently, Assistant Government Agent Division was became the Divisional Secretariat Division and the Division's administrated by the Divisional Secretary.
Late Medadumbara DRO Office was started in a private building that it was near the Belek Pihilla in Rambukwella in Kandy -  Mahiyangana road that it is 1 km far from old Teldeniya town. After that, this DRO Office was shifted to the upper satire in the Co-operative building in old Teldeniya town.
In the year 1982 this DRO Office shifted to new Teldeniya town, which is belongs of government. Now it is being this place that it was established in Anila Keke, during the old Teldeniya town which was sunk by Victoria reservoir. After in 1990 another building was attached to Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat.
At this time, the District of the Sri Lanka is divided into administrative sub unit known as Divisional Secretariat to get the combination among Local Government and people to carry out the developing policies and all other services to all the people.
In this situation Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat merely has being becoming as the administrative hub of the Division. Following officers have served as AGA's And Divisional Secretaries.

Role performed at DS

Name       From               To      
Mr: N.A. Nawarathna 1961 1962
Mr: G.P. Ilangasinghe 1962 1965
Mr: W. Thilakarathne 1965 1967
A.Ranasinghe 1967 1968
Mr: H.M.G.P. Bandara 1969 1972
Mr: H.K.M. Abeykoon 1972 1974
Mr: K. Abeykoon 1974 1978
Mr: A. Kapuarachchi 1978 1981
Mr: R.K.G. Gunawardana 1981 1991
Mr: C. Ubeysekara 1991 1992
Mr: S. Pussepitiya 1992 1997
Mr: B.G.H.M. Sugathadasa 1997 2000
Mr: S.D.A.B. Borallessa 2000 2002
Mr: T.M.S.B. Thennakoon 2002 2006
Mr: P.A.S.H. Boralessa 2008 2012
Mr: J.M.J.K. Jayasundara 2012 2017
At present Mr. A.M. Wickramarachchi has been working as the Divisional Secretary.

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